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CCTV in Ormskirk

CCTV in Ormskirk

CCTV can dramatically reduce crime levels in and around a building.  It can also dissuade shoplifters, capture criminal damage in parking areas, monitor tills or simply allow you to monitor your home while you are on holiday.


The uses for CCTV are endless:

As one of the most powerful security tools, CCTV can provide indisputable evidence of a criminal in action from a simple domestic system to that of a multiple camera and networked system within a supermarket, school or hospital

Danoli Solutions Ltd. can design, install and maintain CCTV systems (that meet legal requirements) around your specific needs whether it be to monitor your private home, a public area such as a car park, pub or retail shop.

– What do you tell a member of the public who asks if you have CCTV active?
– What if they query your data retention policy?
– What if they request copies of recorded images which may include themselves?
– What if this recorded data also shows someone else in the same frame?

Would you really know what to do, or did your existing installer inform you? Well, the responsibility is on YOU, so it is crucial that your CCTV equipment is installed and commissioned by a company that fully understand the legalities to ensure that you are not breaking the law instead of actually preventing criminal activity.

All installations by Danoli Solutions Ltd. are in compliance with British Standards, the law and the data protection principles as set out by the Information Commissioners Office.

CCTV installation may appear to be simple, but the legalities can be a minefield


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Within minutes of posting a comment to the Lancashire police facebook wall regarding the spate of thefts in Ormskirk, they have REMOVED their post in its entirety due to my comments highlighting their true colours. Fortunately, I managed to get a screenshot of the post showing how such an embarrassment they really are when it comes to crimes reported by our business! ... See MoreSee Less

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A big thank you to everyone who has shared the images of the Charity Box Thief in our shop yesterday. His name is believed to be Paul Edgerton from Fazakerley. He is apparently notorious for pinching charity boxes in the area and in Merseyside. We understand that he is actually serving a suspended prison sentence for the same crime so If true, he is in breach of a court order and will now go to prison. Lancashire police have all the information, it is now up to them to put this guy away. ... See MoreSee Less

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Danoli Solutions Ormskirk added 31 new photos.
Danoli Solutions Ormskirk


At about 11:15 today (11/1/2019), this scum bag tried to pinch a Charity Box from our shop counter. The charity is Carla Lane Animals in Need.

If you know the identity of this scum bag, please contact us or Lancashire police reference LC20190111-0548. Fortunately, our vigilant staff managed to stop him before he took the money as the scum bag had already put the collection box up his coat!

The lad spoke with a scouse accent.

PLEASE SHARE to alert other shop owners.
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